Retail Training & Internship Program (RTIP) is designed as a valuable program for individuals interested in developing a career in retail, new hires into retail businesses and existing retail associates as a refresher program. RTIP introduces participants to the dynamic world of retailing. It provides participants with a strong foundation for developing requisite knowledge, skills and attitude for a successful career in retail..

For individuals interested in developing a career in retail and new hires, RTIP create an engaging and comprehensive retail career and on-boarding program that will maximize your investment, generate motivation and enthusiasm, and prepare you for the task of either seeking a successful career in retail or growing in your already chosen career.


The Retail As sociate Development Program (RADP) is designed to equip retail associates with the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies as well as model the right attitudes and behaviours that will assist retail associates to effectively discharge their duties while serving the customer. The result is greater employee and customer engagement, greater employee and customer satisfaction and experiences and greater success and growth for the retailers.

RADP helps your retail associates build the insight necessary to understand what is most important to individual customers, and improves their ability to counter objections with the specific benefits that matter most to consumers. RADP covers the essentials duties and responsibilities of the associates in a retail store operation and the development of superior sales & service mind-set and competencies.


For the retail organisation seeking to provide the highest level of service to each and every customer in a manner that is consistent with the overall sales performance and profitability objectives and expectations, it must rethink the critical role of the supervisor.

For retail supervisors to discharge their duties effectively, they need to first horn their managerial and leadership skill. This responsibility, the retailer must not leave to chance.

Retail Supervisor Development Program therefore is aimed at supporting both the retail organisations to provide the would soon be supervisors and supervisors to acquire the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitude for effective supervision in retail organizations.


Retail is one of the fastest growing segment of the economy. As one of the nation’s largest contributor to GDP and national employment, the retail industry provides excellent business opportunities. Retailing is big business. The owners typically are people who love retail, the hard work and details that come with it. They love what they do. They love what they sell, they love meeting people and in the process, they make a good living and enjoy their living. Maybe it is a lifestyle for you.

Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP is designed for individuals who are considering starting and running their own retail businesses.