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Vision & Mission


  • To be the ultimate retail training school for the acquisition of retail technical and operational knowledge and best practices by the year 2025 in West Africa

  • To be the retail business start-up entrepreneurs’ counsellor and enabler by 2025 in West Africa.


  • By providing intending retail entrepreneurs with the requisite retail business insights, skills, knowledge, tools and methods to support them in actualising their retail entrepreneurial dream of starting and running a successful retail business;

  •  Through sourcing, training and developing technical and operational talents in retail;

  • By developing a pipeline of technical and operational talents skilled and equipped with retail best practices from which industry practitioners can source their staff compliments;

  • Through on-boarding training for the newly employed in retail organisation to quickly acclimatise to the company, culture and position thus improving time to productivity; and

  • By providing a platform of continuous learning for technical and operational staff in retail i.e staff of entry level grades to supervisors levels.