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Why Retailers Should Patronise Retail Academy

The Retail Academy program will:

·        provides an actionable plan for creating and facilitating the management of the hiring process;

·        provides an actionable plan for creating an effective new hire training program for new retail associates and refresher for existing ones;

·       improves time to productivity and eliminates wasted time and costs associated with long learning curves;

·       improves employee performance and reduce churn. Studies have shown that retail employees who undergo comprehensive new hire training are up to 50% more productive and twice less likely to churn and improves employee retention;

·       improves overall customer satisfaction, as new hires are skilled in the art of customer engagement and relationship building. This inevitably improves customer loyalty and advocacy as well as the company’s image;

·        increase revenue. Research demonstrates that conversion rates increased by 10% when customers were assisted by employees who possess a high degree of product knowledge and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills;

·        reduce loss. Every year retail stores lose more than 2% of revenue due to theft and administrative errors. A significant amount of losses can be prevented through training programs on store operations and loss prevention.