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Retail Training & Internship Program (RTIP) is designed to equip individuals interested in developing a career in retail with the fundamental, and skills set required for the retail industry. RTIP introduces participants to the dynamic world of retailing. It provides participants with a strong foundation for developing requisite knowledge, skills and attitude for a successful career in retail.

For individuals interested in developing a career in retail, RTIP creates an engaging and comprehensive retail career and on-boarding program that will maximize your investment, generate motivation and enthusiasm, and prepare you for the task of seeking a successful career in retail.

Earning a certificate from the Retail Academy is an investment in your future. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of education, the best preparation for your future career success, and the greatest opportunity for an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding retailing career and life.

RTIP is an opportunity to immerse yourself and retail organisations to immerse their new hires in key elements of retailing and organisation, - from the basic and tactical to the strategic and cultural.

At the end of the program, participants have the opportunity to be listed on the Retail Academy's portal as well as other Bervidson Retail Group portals as Certified Retail Associates from which industry practitioners can source their staff complement.


Why You Should Attend

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • gain invaluable knowledge about the world of retailing;
  • receive the relevant retail skills, knowledge and attitude needed to succeed and set you apart from others during interviews and in your organisation;
  • get an opportunity to be gainfully employed in key retail organisations;
  • get an opportunity to earn more than your peers with superior knowledge and performance;
  • become good ambassadors of the employing organization;
  • short internship in a retail store;
  • gain deep industry insights from participating in a group research work; and
  • become proud holders of Retail Academy certification.


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