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Retailing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. As one of the nation’s key contributors to GDP and national employment, the retail industry provides excellent business opportunities.

Retail in Nigeria is transforming and the opportunities are immense. Typically, Retail business owners are people who love retail, the hard work and details that come with it. They love what they do. They love what they sell, make a good living and enjoy their living. Maybe it is a lifestyle for you.

Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP is designed for individuals who are considering starting and running their own retail businesses. They typically have many questions:

What can I profitably sell? What are the start-up costs like? What staff do I need? How do I get the Staff? Where do I get the staff complement? How much will the store make? How can I serve the different types of customers? How can I ever compete with already established retailers? How do I set my prices? What are the possible problems that I may encounter and how can I overcome them? How do I raise enough capital to run my retail operation? Where will I source my products? Where will I source equipment and which equipment are the best for my type of retail business? Should I sell online? Questions, questions, questions!

Earning a certificate from the Retail Academy therefore is an investment in your future. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of education, the best preparation for your retail entrepreneurship success, and the greatest opportunity for an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding retailing life.


What You Should Attend

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • understand what retail business they intend to go into better and whether it is the right kind of retail business for them;

  • understand the current retailing terrain locally and internationally;

  • understand the rudiments of starting and managing a retail business;

  • be able to write a winning business plan;

  • know how to win and keep customers for life;

  • know how best to source product and negotiate with suppliers;

  • know how to make product selection that resonate with the customers;

  • have the opportunity to meet with some successful retail founders and CEOs;

  • have the opportunity to gain handholding support of a mentor;

  • have the opportunity to participate in the Retail Academy start-up award competition; and
  • gain deep industry insights from participating in a group research work;

  • become proud holders of Retail Academy certification.



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