Retail Associate Development Program - RADP


Retail Associate Development Program - RADP


Retail associates are central to the success of any retail organization. They are the face of the organization – the brand ambassadors.

Given this importance, therefore, it is important that they are properly kitted with the right skills and knowledge and exhibit the right attitudes and behaviours that not only make the customers feel welcomed into the organization but in addition make the customers buy, buy more, buy again, become loyal and advocate on behalf of the organization.

In today’s retail environment, for instance, it is not uncommon for consumers to have more information readily available than your retail associates do. It is not uncommon to have many shoppers showrooming your stores. Therefore, to turn showroom browsers into in-store buyers, Retail Associates' interpersonal skills have to be as sharp as their selling skills.

Retail Associates must have a deep understanding of the organization’s products, inside and out to positively impact customer confidence and the total shopping experience.

The Retail Associate Development Program (RADP) is designed to equip retail associates with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competencies as well as model the right attitudes and behaviors that will assist Retail Associates to effectively discharge their duties while serving the customer. The result is greater employee and customer engagement, greater employee and customer satisfaction and experiences, and greater success and growth for retailers.

Similarly, for retail organizations in need of a quick and efficient retail onboarding program that will birth competent and effective retail associates, RADP is the perfect opportunity to get your new hires up to steam. Every new employee reflects time and money spent in the recruiting and interviewing process, bringing him or her up to speed and making them productive. With RADP, you are sure to get a quick return from your new hires.

Earning a certificate from the Retail Academy is an investment in your future both as an organization and retail associate. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of training, the best preparation for your retail associates and organization success, and the greatest opportunity for an exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding retailing life.


At the end of the program, participants will:

• gain skills relating to the essential duties and responsibilities of the associates in a retail store operation;

• develop the mind-set and competencies to effectively handle any sales situation and deliver superior service;

• gain the confidence and inspiration to deliver great customer service and experience that results in improved performance and results for the company;

• understand why shoppers buy and why they don’t and now the process to follow and thus improve sales;

• understand how to handle different customers (difficult or angry), for improved sales;

• move Retail Associates move from price-based selling to solution and value-based selling;

• become proud holders of Retail Academy certification.


The Program is open to the public:

• On-boarding program for New hires

• Retail employees below the supervisory grade and frontline ambassadors of the company.

• Refresher program for experienced Retail Associates and anyone in the front office.


Overview of the Retail Industry in Nigeria
Key Retail Success Imperatives
Appearance & Presentation
Product Knowledge
Communication Skills
Customer Profiling
Interpersonal & Relationship Building Skills

• Image & Grooming, Retail Discipline &

• Professionalism

• Key knowledge imperatives

• Culture, Customer Profiling, Communication, Product Knowledge - Features & Benefits

The Retailer - Shopper Interface

• Teller Operation

• Shop Floor Activities & Responsibilities

The Retail Organisation

• Structure, Organogram & Culture

• Career Opportunities & Growth in Retail

• Roles & Responsibilities

Retail Selling Skills
Retail Service Skills
The Retail Shop floor operations and key fundamentals

Store Atmospherics

Merchandising & Display

KPIs & Metrics

Loss Prevention

Inventory & product merchandising

Safe Work Practices

Mapping the Retail Customer Experience journey and service implications for associates



•(PowerPoint, Videos, Exercises, Games& Group Presentations)

•Research Work & Presentations

•Case Studies

•Role Plays



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