Retail Supervisor Development Program - RSDP


Retail Supervisor Development Program - RSDP


More often, supervisors are formerly retail associates that excel in discharging technical competencies in the discharge of their duties. However, the skills set requirements for retail associates and supervisors are different. It is this skill gap that has become the nightmare of most retail organizations.

Hear the lamentation of one retailer: I promoted him to supervisor because he was my best sales staff. But it appears I made a mistake”. This retailer is absolutely correct as he is responsible for the new lack of performance status of the associate turned supervisor.

For the retail organization seeking to provide the highest level of service to each customer in a manner that is consistent with the overall sales performance and profitability objectives and expectations, it must rethink the critical role of the supervisor.

For Retail Supervisors to effectively discharge their duties they need to first horn their managerial and leadership skills.

This is a responsibility the retailer must not leave to chance. Retail Supervisor Development Program - RSDP therefore, is aimed at supporting retail organizations to provide their 'would soon be supervisors', supervisors, and their assistants with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude for effective supervision in retail organizations.

Earning a certificate from the Retail Academy is an investment in your future both as a retail organization and retail supervisor. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of education, the best preparation for your retail organization and supervisors for greater success, and the greatest opportunity for an exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding retailing life.

By learning practical techniques drawn from our consulting and training experiences, retail supervisors will be able to apply proven strategies to keep their teams engaged, inspired, and productive no matter what challenges or surprises come their way.


At the end of the program, participants will:

• develop the interpersonal skills they need to relate and create connections;

• gain skill to manage and support associates to deliver consistent and exceptional performance and memorable customer experiences;

• gain techniques to keep the team engaged, inspired, and productive no matter the challenge they face; and

• exposure to commonly used Key Performance Indicators and measurements for more effective management of the team’s performance.

• become proud holders of Retail Academy’s certification


The Program is open to the public:

•Retail Supervisors, Assistants, and unit heads and would soon be Supervisors and Assistants.


Developing Supervisory Skills & Competencies

•Introduction to Managerial & Leadership Skills

•Communication skills

• Understanding human emotion & behavior

• Relationship building & interpersonal skills in Retail

• Counselling skills

• Handling discipline and grievances

• Problem-solving and decision-making for Retail Supervisors

• Managing office politics

Role of Supervisors in retail

• Managing Retail Associates

• Motivating Retail Associates

• Training and induction for new Retail Associates

• Performance appraisal for Retail Associates

• Modeling best behavior

Supervising the Retail Shop Floor

• Store Atmospherics

• Merchandising & Display

• KPIs Setting & Metrics

• Loss Prevention

• Inventory Control

• Safe Work Practices

• Shift scheduling & Management

Retail Selling for effective result

Customer Service Excellence

From Customer Engagement to Customer Advocacy

Dealing with Customers

• Handling different Customer Types

• Handling difficult customers

• Handling dissatisfied & angry customers

• Missed Opportunities

• Lifetimeme value of Customer



•(PowerPoint, Videos, Exercises, Games& Group Presentations) Research Work & Presentations Case Studies Role Plays



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