Retail Training & Internship Program (Onboarding Program) - RTIP


Retail Training & Internship Program (Onboarding Program) - RTIP


The retail Training & Internship Program (RTIP) is designed as a valuable program for individuals interested in developing a career in retail, new hires into retail businesses, and existing retail associates as a refresher program.

RTIP introduces participants to the dynamic world of retailing. It provides participants with a strong foundation for developing the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude for a successful career in retail.

For individuals interested in developing a career in retail and new hires, RTIP creates an engaging and comprehensive retail career and onboarding program that will maximize your investment, generate motivation and enthusiasm, and prepare you for the task of either seeking a successful career in retail or growing in your already chosen career.

For retail organizations in need of a quick and efficient retail onboarding program that will birth competent and effective retail associates, RTIP is the perfect opportunity to get your new hires up to steam. Every new employee reflects time and money; time and money spent in the recruiting and interviewing process, and the time and money it takes to bring them up to speed and make them productive. With RTIP, you are sure to get a quick return from your new hires.

RTIP is an opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves and retail organizations to immerse their new hires in key elements of retailing and organization, - from the basic and tactical to the strategic and cultural.

At the end of the program, participants have the opportunity to be listed on the Bervidson Retail Group portal as Certified Retail Associates from which industry practitioners can source their staff compliments.

Why You Should Attend

At the end of the program, participants will:

• gain invaluable knowledge about the world of retailing;

• receive the relevant retail skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to succeed and set you apart from others during interviews and in your organization;

• get an opportunity to be gainfully employed in key retail organizations;

• get an opportunity to earn more than your pairs with superior knowledge and performance;

• become good ambassadors of the employing organization;

• One to two weeks of internship in a retail store;

• Gain deep industry insights by participating in a group research work; and

• become proud holders of Retail Academy certificates;

Program Outline

Retail Industry Overview
September 18, 2017 : Joseph Ebata

• Retail yesterday, today and tomorrow

• The Retail Value Chain

• Role of Retailer in Channel of Distribution

Class Assignment/Case Study

• Key Issues, Challenges & Opportunities in Retail

Embassy Taiwo

• Introduction to Key Concept in Retailing &

• Introduction to Key Retail Formats and ecommerce

• Benefits of Retailing

Class Assignment/Case Study

Decision Variables in Retailing
September 19. 2017 : Charles Imuzeze

• Retail Marketing Mix

• Retail Communication Mix

Class Assignment/Case Study

Key imperatives to Successful Retailing
Eno Umoh

• Key Personal Imperatives

• Image & Grooming, Retail Discipline & Professionalism

• Key knowledge imperatives

• Culture, Customer Profiling, Communication, Product knowledge, Features & Benefits

The Retail Organisation
September 20, 2017 : Hilda Egboh

• Structure, Organogram & Culture

• Career Opportunities & Growth in Retail

• Roles & Responsibilities

• The Retailer - Shopper Interface

• Teller Operation

• Shop Floor Activities & Responsibilities

Introduction to Retail Merchandising
Hilda Egboh

• Assortment planning, Sourcing, Buying, inventory management

Class Assignment/Case Study

The Retail Customer journey – The Retail Brand Perspective
September 21, 2017 : Joseph Ebata

• Introduction to Retail Selling

• The Fundamental Retail Success Equation, KPIs & Metrics

• Introduction to Customer Service in Retail

Gloria Ebata

• Store Atmospherics – Appealing to the 5 Senses

Class Assignment/Case Study

Retail Internship in Retail Organisations : Sept 25 – Oct 7, 2017
Group Research Work : Oct 9 – Oct 11, 2016
Group Research Work Presentations (3 Groups for 1hr each) : Oct 12, 2017
1st Graduation Day Ceremony : Oct 13, 2017

The Winning Mindsets of a Retail Associate (Valedictory Message) : Oct 13, 2017

A Retail CEO (Adenike Ogunlesi)
Presentation of Certificates : Oct 13, 2017
Possible Research Topic:

• Footfall and Conversion in Retail – The Nigeria Experience

• The Retail Customer Journey – The Retail Brand Perspective

• Consumer Loyalty: Driven by Price or Preference?

• Innovative and Disruptive Strategies in retail Customer Experience

• What is Customer Satisfaction?

• What is Customer Experience?