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About Retail Academy

Retail Academy (RA) is a retail training Academy dedicated to preparing and inspiring retail-minded individuals for successful career, and entrepreneurship in retail through training.

The Academy trains and develops technical, operational and entrepreneurial skills in retail rooted in local retail culture and up to date global best practices. 

Earning a certificate from the Retail Academy is an investment in your future. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of education, the best preparation for your retail career and entrepreneurship success, and the greatest opportunity for an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding retailing life.

We take great pride in the range and quality of our services to prepare you for life after the program, whether you wish to begin your career or entrepreneurship in retail. You will have the opportunity to participate in our tremendous internship, mentorship and leadership programs, attend professional conferences as well as other retailing career and entrepreneurship development programs.

At the end of your program, participants will gain creative solutions for positive impact in their career and business, delivering the right values and returns for themselves, their employers or their businesses and other stakeholders.

RA is a member of Bervidson Retail Group, Nigeria’s premier retail consulting, training and development group in Nigeria. We are a team of experienced, innovative retail consultants and trainers. Our team of experts work across a range of disciplines, delivering practical development and intervention solutions that support retail organisations to maximise performance, drive growth and success.

Bervidson is the Convener of The Retail Leaders Conference  – an annual Conference of retail leaders from within and outside Nigeria.

                                                               Maranatha Ngene - Class Governor of RTIP 1


The retail sector in Nigeria is transforming. It continues to expand, with value sales increasing strongly and faster than real GDP. Fuelling growth is the population estimated at about 170 million, of which about 80 million live in urban areas. Other factors are: increasing disposable incomes among some segments of the population, rising middle class, the drive by some retailers to ‘modernise‘ retailing, ecommerce and encouraging government policies such as "cashless economy“.

Retail is the engine that drives the economy. When everything boils down to the basics, the volume and momentum of trade is the engine of economic growth. At the core of trade, and as the ultimate point of value exchange is retail. Yet it continues to receive little attention from leading business institutions in the country.

Most worrisome is the near absence of skilled talents and the pipeline to support the rate of growth in retail as well as keep pace with today's sophisticated shoppers. This trend is set to worsen as the shoppers become even more powerful and more demanding.

The retail business that will thrive in the future must have employees who have developed capabilities in:

  • Understanding the retail business;
  • Shopper behaviour & preferences;
  • Relationship building and
  • Shopper value creation.

 In addition, Nigeria is currently battling huge unemployment crisis. It is therefore our considered opinion that we can solve both challenges of dearth of qualified talents in retail and the unemployment crisis in the nation through training in career and entrepreneurial skills.

It is against this background, and to solve the twain challenges of lack of skilled talents in retail industry and national unemployment that has motivated Bervidson Retail Group, Nigeria's leading retail consulting, training and development Group to set up Retail Academy (RA).

Retail Academy started in October 2017 with the Retail Training & Internship Program - RTIP . 

RTIP is a program designed to equip individuals interested in developing a career in retail with the fundamental, and skills set required for the retail industry. RTIP introduces participants to the dynamic world of retailing. It provides participants with a strong foundation for developing requisite knowledge, skills and attitude for a successful career in retail. RTIP provides the students with a unique opportunity to bid farewell to the unemployment martket. Most students of RTIP 1 are were gainfully employed well before the end of the program – at the internship stage. RTIP 2 students are currently undergoing their internship.

                                                                                  Graduating class, RTIP 1

                                                      Students of RTIP 2 during their intership in SLOT Limited

                                                             Oluwakorede Okpekpe - Class Governor of RTIP 2

Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program - REDP was launched in 2018

REDP is designed for individuals who are considering starting and running their own retail businesses and whose goal is to be successful running the business.

REDP is also perfect for individuals who are already running their retail businesses but are not really succeeding at achieving the goals they set out to achieve and desires a turnaround.

                                             Pioneer class of Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program - REDP 1